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Writers’ Resources – Did you know that The Bestselling Author™ has many different websites to help you write, publish, and market your book(s)? Scroll below to learn more and get instant access. We provide writers’ resources for authors of all genres (fiction, nonfiction, children’s books), at all stages of development.

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Writers’ Resources – The Bestselling Author

The Bestselling Author Website ScreenshotThe Bestselling Author™ is our main book publishing website, devoted to helping  authors around the world to write, publish, and market their books. “Not every author can make the NY Times bestseller list” says founder and CEO Mark Malatesta, “but every talented author deserves to reach as many people as possible… whether it’s with a traditional publisher like Random House or through self-publishing supported by smart book marketing. That’s what The Bestselling Author™ is all about. If you’re an aspiring author, click here now for FREE INSTANT ACCESS to all the writers’  resources on this website, including interviews with tips from bestselling authors and Mark’s signature talk: 7 Insider Secrets to Become a Bestselling Author.

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Writers’ Resources – Literary Agent Undercover

Literary Agents Website ScreenshotLiterary Agent Undercover is a website exclusively for authors who want to get paid to publish, instead of pay to publish. In other words, they want to get a top literary agent and publisher, so they can then get a top publishing deal with a traditional publisher like Random House. Literary Agent Undercover™ is for: 1) Unpublished authors that are just getting started, 2) Self-published authors who now want to find a traditional publisher, and 3) Previously published authors that have lost their agent and/or publisher and want to find a new one. If you want to get a top literary agent, publisher, and book deal… click here now for FREE INSTANT ACCESS to all the writers’  resources on the Literary Agent Undercover™ website, including Mark’s signature talk: Everything You Need to Know About Literary Agents… and Didn’t Know to Ask.

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Writers’ Resources – The Directory of Literary Agents

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When Mark retired as a literary agent to become an author coach, he quickly realized that the literary agent directories on the market (print and online) were flawed. The print versions are 6 months old by the time they’re edited, printed, and distributed to bookstores. And the online versions are riddled with mistakes. Getting an agent is hard enough–the last thing you need it to get rejected because you’re literary agent information is unreliable. That’s why Mark created The Directory of Literary Agents™.

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Writers’ Resources – BornCelebrity.com

Born Celebrity Website ScreenshotIn addition to serving as CEO of The Bestselling Author™, Mark Malatesta is the Marketing Director and Head Trainer for Born Celebrity a business/brand development company that he runs with his wife and business partner, Ingrid Elfver. Born Celebrity helps creativeentrepreneurs combine their unique life experience, skill sets, and authenticity with “clever” business and marketing strategy. Born Celebrity clients aren’t just interested in money — they’re equally committed to living their true passion and making a positive difference in the world. Born Celebrity currently has more than 100,000 followers/fans.

Founded by Ingrid Elfver in 2010, Born Celebrity works with clients that are (or want to be) trendsetters in their industry. As a result, Born Celebrity clients are frequently quoted by and/or featured by the media. For example, Born Celebrity clients have appeared on CNN, ABC, NBC, FOX News, PBS, Extra, The Huffington Post, etc. They’ve appeared in magazines like Time, People, National Geographic, Cosmopolitan, Bazaar, etc. They’ve published books with major publishing houses like Random House. And they’ve been paid spokespersons for major brands like Macy’s, Sears, Marc Jacobs, Walgreen’s, HP, etc.

According to Ingrid, Mark Malatesta has a unique ability to come up with “high-concept” ideas to make businesses and brands more profitable. One of Mark’s coaching clients says, “Even his ideas have ideas.”

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Writers’ Resources – WritingQuotes.com

Writing Quotes Website ScreenshotA longtime book-lover and publishing professional, Mark Malatesta has always collected quotes and sayings about books, writing, and publishing. He’s written many as well. WritingQuotes.com is a platformto share those quotes with others who share the same passion for writing and books. When Mark was in college he used to create handmade cards and notes and share them with friends on campus. The cards combined quotes and sayings with graphics–not much different from those you see on this website.